Sustainable Water

Sourcing your businesses water from a local source, combined with onsite water harvesting and storage, could provide a more sustainable and cheaper water supply. These changes could also be adaptable to your long term water needs.
Many applications in your business do not need to use drinking quality water, for example; flushing toilets, washing vehicles, irrigation, etc. Alternative water sources can be developed to provide non-potable water and reduce the demand on treated water supplies.

Along with our partners we are able to provide your business with the following Sustainable Water services:

  • Strategic water planning and water management
  • Water profiling and foot-printing
  • Full drainage design services
  • Borehole and river abstraction
  • Alternative water sources integration (Rainwater Harvesting)
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Drainage design to SuDs and WSuDS standards
  • Sustainability enhancement to BREEAM standards

The strategic development of fully sustainable solutions reduces reliance on mains water, sewage and drainage services. In many parts of the UK these are already under stress. This also improves flood risk management, business risk/resilience and mitigates the effect of future emergencies.