Emergency Contact

Problems with your water supply?

We understand that you need a steady, reliable water supply. If you have water supply problems, help is at hand:

  • If there's no water coming from your taps, it may be because of planned or emergency works by Scottish Water. See Scottish Water's Service Update page for details of any emergency works. Scottish Water should have made you aware of any planned works in your area before they started.
  • If your water develops a new taste or smell that's particularly strong, call Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778.
  • If you're having problems with water pressure, call Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778.
  • If there's an obvious leak from the supply pipes between the boundary of your property and your meter, it's generally your responsibility to fix it. If the leak is outside the boundary of your property, Scottish Water is responsible for any repairs.
  • If you think a burst pipe between your site boundary and your water meter might be causing your water bills to be higher than they should be, get in touch with us.

Spotting a leak

You can do a simple check if you suspect a leak at your propert:

  • Take meter readings over a quiet period when water use should be low. For instance, last thing at night and first thing in the morning;
  • If there's a higher consumption than usual, this could indicate a leak;
  • Drop us a note and we'll help you sort it out.

Planned interruptions

Sometimes your water supply may be turned off for scheduled mains upgrade works by Scottish Water. You'll normally be notified in advance of this work, so you can plan for it.

Unplanned interruptions

Scottish Water occasionally has to carry out emergency repairs to the network of water mains. This is more frequent during winter months. If you experience any problems with an unplanned interruption to your water supply, please contact Scottish Water's emergency helpline on 0800 0778 778.


If you have a major emergency such as a large-scale flood or contaminated water, call Scottish Water's emergency helpline on 0800 0778 778